Ctodd Lombardo & Devin Bramhall – TEDx Somerville (3.18.14)

Join host KyAnn Anderson as she speaks with TEDx Somerville‘s CTodd Lombardo and Devin Bramhall about the upcoming event to be held on March 30th, from 12-6pm at Brooklyn Boulders in Somerville. Go to www.tedxsomerville.org to learn more, buy your tickets, and find out why this event is one you don’t want to miss. For additional episodes, please visit the Greater Somerville blog at: www.greatersomerville.wordpress.com


Visit: https://www.facebook.com/TEDxSomerville

Wig Zamore – Citizens Advisory Committee Chair (3.4.14)

Join host KyAnn Anderson as she speaks with longtime community activist and newly appointed CAC Chair Wig Zamore about the upcoming development in Union Square. As the City of Somerville prepares for the completion of the Green Line Extension Station in Union Square in 2017, they are in search of a Master Developer who will help guide the long term development of seven large land parcels adjacent the station. As community members and business owners express concerns about the long-term impacts this amount of development will have on this culturally vibrant and quaint neighborhood, Mayor Curtatone has created a 19-person committee to oversee this Master Developer selection process, by providing an advisory role to the Somerville Redevelopment Authority. In the months ahead, this committee will make its recommendation on which one of the nine proposals submitted should be selected to direct the transformation of Union Square over the next 30 years. Tune in to find out what’s being done to protect the unique characteristics of Union Square, how innovative businesses are here to stay, and why it is so important for the community to stay informed about this development process in the months and years ahead. For additional episodes, please visit the Greater Somerville blog at:  www.greatersomerville.wordpress.com.

Elizabeth Shaw-Caffrey – Community Cooks (1.14.14)


Join host KyAnn Anderson as she speaks with Community Cooks’ Elizabeth Shaw-Caffrey about this locally grown non-profit that has been making a difference in Somerville since 1991. With a network of over 300 volunteers, they offer home-cooked meals to hungry and vulnerable neighbors in our community by partnering with other non-profit organizations. Whether you’re a Todd English wanna-be or simply want to financially contribute, tune in to find out why this organization continues to make Somerville proud year after year. For additional episodes, please visit the Greater Somerville blog at:  http://www.greatersomerville.wordpress.com

Visit: http://communitycooks.org/

KyAnn Anderson & Joe Lynch – 2014 New Year Review (1.7.14


Join hosts Joe Lynch and KyAnn Anderson as they celebrate the New Year of 2014 as well as reflect on the top stories of 2013. Find out their thoughts on the Somerville inauguration, development in Union Square, and how they see our City evolving in the months ahead. While it may be cold outside, let Greater Somerville warm you up with educated local insight on the latest doings of our ever-changing community.

Tony Lafuente & Tim Devin – Ward 4 Alderman & Space Equals Work Activist (11.12.13)


Does Somerville really NEED more condos? With the recent proposal of the Maaco site (adjacent Market Basket & Milk Row Cemetery) to be re-zoned to mix-use development, the existing commercial zoning could be severely impacted in our city for generations to come. Join host KyAnn Anderson, as she speaks with Ward 4 Alderman Tony Lafuente and Space Equals Work representative Tim Devin, to discuss this important proposal facing the residents and business owners of Union Square. While the Commercial Corridor District 55 overlay works successfully in parts of the Union Square rezoning initiative, find out why for this particular area of the city, Somerville simply deserves better.

Brock Parker – The Boston Globe (10.1.13)


Tonight on Greater Somerville, host Joe Lynch welcomes back to Tribe Somerville former Somerville Journal reporter and current Boston Globe correspondent covering Somerville, journalist Brock Parker. Somervillians may remember his coverage, six years ago, of news stories about FBI investigations, Curtatone running for Governor, the scurrilous behavior of aggressive developers, and city elections. Oh well, the more things change, the more they stay the same…………………………..watch the interview and learn what Parker has been up to over at the Globe. Greater Somerville airs live tonight, channel 3, SCATV, 7:30. No time to watch tonight? Catch the reply here or go to greatersomerville.wordpress.com for all your Greater Somerville episodes.

Mimi Graney – Union Square Main Streets & RELISH Co-Founder (9.24.13)


Join host KyAnn Anderson for Greater Somerville’s “State of the Union” address, as she speaks with Union Square Main Streets and RELISH Co-Founder Mimi Graney, about the 8th annual Fluff Festival, coming to Somerville this Saturday in Union Square. With a new co-Alderman on the horizon in Ward 3, multiple changing storefronts, and the upcoming green line station moving full steam ahead, how will Union Square be impacted, and will it be able maintain the unique character that we have all grown to love through the years. We’ll ask these questions and more on tonight’s program.