George Proakis & Sarah Spicer – City of Somerville, Planning Department (1.28.14)


Join host KyAnn Anderson as she speaks with the City of Somerville’s Director of Planning George Proakis and Senior Planner Sarah Spicer about the various initiatives of the Curtatone administration devoted to making Somerville a great place to live, work, play and raise a family – with an episode focus on Davis Square. Within the guiding framework of the SomerVision Comprehensive 2030 Plan completed in 2012, both have been actively involved in managing the Davis Square Neighborhood Plan and Streetscape Improvement Plan, on track for implementation in next few years. Tune in to find out the history of these planning initiatives, how Davis Square will be changing in the years ahead, and whether a boutique hotel is on the horizon for one of the most vibrant squares in Somerville.



(NOTE: See “Related Links” for all information on past community meetings. Updated plan information coming in Spring 2014)

Jon Keller – WBZ-TV Political Analyst (1.29.13)

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Tonight on a special edition of Greater Somerville, host Joe Lynch is  joined in the SCATV studios by two time Emmy winner, WBZ-TV political analyst  Jon Keller to discuss the state of the national political scene, the comings and  goings of Massachusetts elected officials and speculated on the political future  of two Joes.  That would be Mayor Joe Curtatone and host Joe Lynch.   You may be surprised by what Keller and Lynch had to say.


Tony Lafuente – Ward 4 Alderman (5.8.12)

Still wondering why the old Winter Hill Star Market site is vacant?  Join host Joe Lynch and Ward 4 Alderman Tony Lafuente tonight on Greater Somerville, 7:30 PM from the SCATV studios, channel 3, to get the latest.  Lafuente will also be discussing the latest initiatives in Ward 4 and what he’s been hearing at the latest city sponsored Ward 4 ResiStat meeting.


Joe & KyAnn Recap TEDx Somerville (3.6.12)

Join hosts Joe Lynch & KyAnn Anderson as they recap the TEDx Somerville event that was held on Sunday, March 4th, 2012, at the Arts at the Armory. An amazing day of inspiring speakers, musicians, artists, and local cuisine was had by all, with Mayor Joe Curtatone kicking things off with a welcome speech in the morning. A proud day for Somerville indeed!

Joe/KyAnn Disclaimer:  While we tried to recognize/thank as many people as we could, we might have missed a detail here or there. Please know that your contributions to the event were very much appreciated by the TEDx Team, and helped make the day a smashing success!


TEDx Somerville Images:

Tom Champion – Director of Communications, City of Somerville (2.14.12)


Due to the lack of inclement winter weather robo calls coming from the city, many Somervillians are now suffering through a new and mysterious malady, (MTC or Missing Tom Champion).   In the spririt of a true public service and a special Valentines Day girft to Greater Somerville viewers, host Joe Lynch speaks with the “Voice of Somerville” himself, Somerville’s Diector of Communications Tom Champion.  Tonight at 7:30 – 8:00 PM, channel 3 in Somerville.

CTodd Lombardo – Executive Director of TEDx Somerville (2.7.12)

Tonight at 7:30 on Somerville Community Access Television’s award winning “Greater Somerville”, join host Joe Lynch and KyAnn Anderson as they talk with CTodd Lombardo, the Executive Director of TEDx Somerville, a special day-long event being held on Sunday, March 4th at the Armory. With a theme of “Creative Economy…Sustainable Community”, the event will highlight some of the City’s brightest thinkers, artists, musicians as well as local cuisines. Please tune in to find out more about the TEDx Somerville event, and why you should attend.
A special THANK YOU goes out to SCAT for providing fiscal sponsorship to the TEDx Somerville organization.