Bill White – Alderman-at-Large (5.31.11)



Join the Greater Somerville team and Alderman Bill White as they discuss his re-election campaign, his long tenure on the Board of Alderman and the accomplishments and challenges for the city that lay ahead.


One thought on “Bill White – Alderman-at-Large (5.31.11)

  1. Kudos to you Joe and especially to Bill White for gently tiptoeing around the source of the nasty rumor.
    There is probably no better source on this subject than me, since I was practically forced to deal with it on a daily basis, so let’s call it what it is – a nasty nasty person in charge of a nasty nasty newspaper…for the record, my father was absolutely positively the reason I needed to get out of the city and start my life over. I could not possibly stomach any more of the vindictive, nasty, and unscrupulous/slanderous behavior at The Somerville News any longer. I was not fired, I did nothing wrong, I just needed to get away from it and I did.
    As far as this Bill White rumor and the nastiness of it, I can absolutely guarantee you that the reason the rumors and the nasty comments have been flying out of what has now become an unrestrained joke of a newspaper – are merely because Bill either didn’t list his house for sale with my father, or, some other really stupid and childish reason that Bill is too much of a gentleman to mention in public.
    Bill is the better person for not calling a spade a spade on this one…and is a much classier person that the rumormonger, nasty, childish newspaper that continues to smear Bill’s name falsely. If anyone deserved a slander suit it’s that newspaper – even the 1st Amendment isn’t infallible when you persist in a pattern of reckless and injurious behavior.
    I will be coming back to Somerville (not to live, but to open a business) soon and while it won’t affect my business purpose/goal, my personal goal will be to run the nastiness of that newspaper and the people who own it right out of Somerville – and I will not stop, no matter what they think they can throw at me personally or professionally. That’s a fair warning to them – and a challenge to take me head on if they have the testicular fortitude, but I doubt that even they are that stupid.
    Strong statement Joe, I know – but I mean every word of it.
    Keep up the good work Joe and good luck to Bill as well.
    Jamie Norton

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