Katjana Ballantyne – Ward 7 Alderman Candidate (8.2.11)

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AYLL_1oA%5D

Ward 7 Alderman candidate Katjana Ballantyne outlines her vision for Ward 7, her candidacy for Alderman and makes her case to the voters tonight on Greater Somerville with host Joe Lynch.

Visit: http://www.katjana.org/


One thought on “Katjana Ballantyne – Ward 7 Alderman Candidate (8.2.11)

  1. I’ve had better political conversations with my children than this crap.
    Let’s face it. You either have a plan for Ward 7 or you don’t and as far as I can see you don’t.
    The Powderhouse School?
    Remind me again of what your ‘plan’ is?

    Clean up on the Alewife Brook?
    Have you been there lately to see how taxpayers’ money is being wasted?
    I have always advocated for cleanup for this area but to spend the money so stupidly is farcical.
    Take a look at the Sunnyside Avenue side of the brook and how much money has been spent covering up the resident’s view of the brook!!
    “The boardwalk that goes nowhere” is the most ridiculous expenditure by a Federal Govt. ever.
    Did anyone from either Somerville or Arlington actually have any input into this?

    The Somerville side has had a lot of money and time spent on ‘cleanup’ also but does anyone see the difference?
    A badly repaved path along Route 16 skirting traffic that is horrendously fast and deadly?
    That is where the money went?
    No one could come up with a better plan that that?

    Cleanup on the Somerville side?
    Non existent!

    Let’s get real here and stop wavering around non existent plans for Ward 7.
    Give us something with teeth!
    We need representation not wishy washy stuff.

    The Green Line? If you intend spending your time on a lost issue that won’t be resolved anytime soon then forget about it and get on to more important issues for Ward 7!
    Unless, of course, you can get them to run it right into Teele Square!
    That’s a horse of a different color.

    P.S. To Joe the presenter : Ask some decent questions for God’s sake! We don’t need to hear ‘your’ opinions and leading questions.

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