The Great Alderman Debate 2011 (10.17.11)

Join co-host Joe Lynch, as he moderates a political debate between all seven candidates running for Alderman-at-Large in the city of Somerville. The candidates were asked a series of questions about various issues by a distinguished panel of four local media representatives – Matt Byrne from the Boston Globe, Any Metzger from the Somerville Journal, Donald Norton from the Somerville News, and Chris Orchard from the Somerville Patch.

The seven at-large candidates are John Connolly, Bruce Desmond, Dennis Sullivan, William White  Todd Easton, Michael Neonakis and Sean Fitzgerald.

Special thanks to Ian Judge from the historic Somerville Theatre for hosting the event, Boston Closet for providing the seven podiums and Somerville Cable Access Television for taping the event and producing this video. Co-host KyAnn Anderson was also on hand to catch up with a few of the supporters outside – it was definitely an exciting night for Somerville politics!

Please remember to vote on November 8th.


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