Tim Toomey – 26th District State Representative (10.23.12)

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AYOHq3oA width=”320″ height=”270″]

Join host Joe Lynch as he talks with 26th District State Representative Tim Toomey about the upcoming election and why he deserves your vote in November.

Visit: http://www.timtoomey.org/


3 thoughts on “Tim Toomey – 26th District State Representative (10.23.12)

  1. Is this a joke? The reason people have been re-electing Tim Toomey for the last several elections is because he has been running unopposed! He uses his two jobs to increase his power and connections in the district and dissuade potential opponents. The interviewer, who is supposed to be impartial, clearly comes off as a friend of Toomey — with the softball questions and approving tone. All that was missing was a high five at the end. Equal time should be given to the other candidates right away, otherwise, shame on you Joe Lynch and SCATV!

  2. Somerville Voter – Thanks for your comment. As you may know, I do try to be impartial with all candidates for elective office. Sometime’s, due to the fact that I’ve known the guest for a number of years, (in Toomey’s case, 12 years), I come off as a little more comfortable with the guest. Cllearly from your comment, I was not impartial enough this time.

    As for equal time for the other candidates, I pride myself with offering equal time to ALL candidates. It is very well know that I’ve hosted Dems, GOP, unenrolled, Independent, Green party, candidates in the past. Here’s the catch………I’ve slacked off chasing candidates to appear. Most of the local candidates know of Greater Somerville and call us to book their appearance. This was the case with Tim Toomey. He called in late July and asked to appear sometime in October. He and his campaign locked in the date then. I never heard from the other two candidates.

    I was asked to moderate the Somerville candidates debate 8 days before the event. Toomey was already booked to appear on Greater Somerville a week later. I guess the other candidates do not share your opinion of bias towards Toomey on my part. Although contacted yesterday by another of Toomey’s opponent’s to come on the show, it is now not possible. I’ve been asked by all three candidates to again moderate a second debate in Cambridge this coming Tuesday at Cambridge Access Television. That only leaves the Tuesday before the election for a live Greater Somerville show. It has been SCATV’s and my policy that no candidate will appear live the week before any election or preliminary election.

    I invite you to be part of the studio audience next Tuesday at Cambridge Access Television. Feel free to ask the two candidates running for state rep against Tim Toomey what their thoughts are about my impartiality.

    Thanks for your comment and I’ll try harder next time to mask my comfort level with candidates. I will make you a promise. No high fives. Ever.

    Joe Lynch
    Greater Somerville

    • Joe, I appreciate your reply and your attempt to understand my concern. I did as you suggested and talked to one of the candidates about the appearance of bias in the show. He agreed that the interview came off as decidely pro-Toomey. As a small but important example, he mentioned that you referred to Toomey’s “opponents,” but you didn’t refer to them by name. This makes them seem almost invisible at a time when name recognition is crucial. However, at this late date, it may not seem worth it for the other candidates to complain to you directly, especially since you’ve stated that there is nothing you can do for them now.

      I can see how with all good intentions you went ahead with the Toomey interview because it had been scheduled in advance. But someone from SCATV should have contacted the other candidates to see if they also wanted to appear in their own slots in the same week. It seems that this is standard policy in the media. Also, if you are going to interview an incumbent right before the election without his opponents, it would be more appropriate to stick just to district business and avoid campaign matters. Otherwise, you are depriving the opponents of their proper opportunity to respond. Alternatively, you as the interviewer could have pressed Toomey more about some of his answers, as is commonly done during a campaign. For instance, his reference to his repeated re-election as evidence that voters don’t mind him having another fulltime elected office should have been challenged. It was blatantly erroneous. As I said, in the past several elections voters have had no choice because Toomey has run unopposed. Also, the last time Toomey faced a challenger in 2004, he barely won. This clearly does not suggest that Toomey’s constituents are so satisfied with him. With all due respect, if your comfort level with Toomey prevents you from raising such issues, maybe someone else should be interviewing him.

      I do respect the public service that you are providing by doing such interviews and by moderating the debates. I realize that it can be difficult to maintain impartiality. Yet it is vital to try one’s best to do so.

      Thank you.

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