Wig Zamore – Citizens Advisory Committee Chair (3.4.14)

Join host KyAnn Anderson as she speaks with longtime community activist and newly appointed CAC Chair Wig Zamore about the upcoming development in Union Square. As the City of Somerville prepares for the completion of the Green Line Extension Station in Union Square in 2017, they are in search of a Master Developer who will help guide the long term development of seven large land parcels adjacent the station. As community members and business owners express concerns about the long-term impacts this amount of development will have on this culturally vibrant and quaint neighborhood, Mayor Curtatone has created a 19-person committee to oversee this Master Developer selection process, by providing an advisory role to the Somerville Redevelopment Authority. In the months ahead, this committee will make its recommendation on which one of the nine proposals submitted should be selected to direct the transformation of Union Square over the next 30 years. Tune in to find out what’s being done to protect the unique characteristics of Union Square, how innovative businesses are here to stay, and why it is so important for the community to stay informed about this development process in the months and years ahead. For additional episodes, please visit the Greater Somerville blog at:  www.greatersomerville.wordpress.com.


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