Our New Look – Hot Set Renovation 2014

After an upgrade to HD technology in the Hot Set earlier this year, we felt it was high time for a little cosmetic make-over to match those technological advances (see Before/After images below). Through the visions of KyAnn Design, approval from the SCATV Board, and a lot of elbow grease through Thanksgiving weekend (a sincere thank you to Melitta King, Yvette Wilks, and Miguel Rivas), our new Hot Set design became a reality! The inspiration was to mute the original oak wood paneling by creating a modern focal point through contrasting colors, chairs, and a geometric area rug. With an emphasis on clean lines and comfort, the designer wanted to enhance the overall guest experience by encouraging a more intimate conversation style to promote relaxation. We invite you to come on down to SCATV in Union Square and see the Hot Set first hand. Watch out Ellen DeGeneres…Greater Somerville’s chicer than ever!

photo 1photo 2   photo 4


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