Mayor Joe Curtatone & Police Chief David Fallon – Race Relations In Somerville (5.26.15)

Join Greater Somerville co-host, Joe Lynch, as he interviews Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone and Police Chief David Fallon. They discuss the current race relations climate here in Somerville, statistics and lessons learned from Ferguson, MO, New York and elsewhere.


Joe & KyAnn – Somerville Snowmaggedon Survivors (2.24.15)

Join hosts Joe Lynch and KyAnn Anderson as they commiserate about Somerville Snowmaggedon on their latest edition of Greater Somerville. Covering everything from how to identify and attack those ice damns, snow safety tips for exhaust vents and driving, and addressing the often heated topic of those familiar parking space savers on the streets, you’ll find something to keep you warm on tonight’s program. A huge thank you to the Somerville Department of Public Works for their valiant efforts clearing the roads this month and keeping our community safe. Tune in to find out more and stay warm out there everyone, Spring is coming!

Greater Somerville Receives “Best of Awards” at SCATV Annual Awards Ceremony

The SCATV studios were alive with excitement on January 29, 2015 for the Annual “Best of 2014” Awards event.

Once again, Greater Somerville’s creator and co-host, Joe Lynch, hosted the annual event and received the first award of the evening for “Best Political Show” and his interview with Democratic Candidate for Governor of Massachusetts, Martha Coakley.

The next big win of the evening went to KyAnn Anderson, Greater Somerville’s co-host and producer for her in depth interview with one of the Union Square developer finalists, The Magellan Group – US2.

You can catch both winning episodes right here on this site.  You can also watch the entire SCATV annual meeting and awards ceremony on

Congratulations to KyAnn and Joe for their terrific work and well deserved awards.

Joe Lynch & KyAnn Anderson – Election Night 2014 (11.4.14)

For those of you who just can’t get enough politics, join Greater Somerville co-hosts Joe Lynch and KyAnn Anderson for their Election Night 2014 special, where they speak candidly about the various issues Somerville and this nation are facing on the ballot this election, what control of the Senate will mean for Democrats, and why exercising your right to vote is a critical right that all should take part in. Find out what new shows are on the horizon for Greater Somerville, as they say goodbye to this intense political season to focus on other important issues facing the city of Somerville in the years ahead. Democrat, Republican, Independent, or Pirate, this is an episode you should watch.

Joe & KyAnn – 2014 Ballot Questions Review (10.28.14)

In preparation for a trip to the polls on Election Day, join hosts Joe Lynch and KyAnn Anderson as they review the pros and cons for each of the four 2014 state ballot questions. Whether it be keeping the gas tax, paying extra bottle deposits, a green light for MA gambling, or requiring mandatory sick days for employees, this episode reviews both sides of the discussion, with a sprinkling of editorial commentary from your two favorite Somerville talk show hosts. Remember, an informed voter is the right voter, so please take the time to get out and vote on Tuesday, November 4th. See you at the polls!


Denise Provost – MA State Representative – 27th Middlesex District (10.21.14)




State representative from the Massachusetts 27th Middlesex district, Denise Provost, joined co-host Joe Lynch for this Massachusetts 2014 election program.  Representative Provost is campaigning for re-election and speaks about her time on Beacon Hill, the challenges that lay ahead for the district, and state and the ballot questions put before the voters this year.  Watch the program here.



Angus Jennings – Candidate for Lt. Governor (7.16.14)

Greater Somerville and Joe Lynch continue the Mass Election 2014 coverage of the candidates with two new special episodes.

United Independent Party Candidate for Lt. Governor, Angus Jennings, sat with Joe Lynch to discuss his party’s platform, the role he sees the Lt. Governor fulfilling and hew the un-enrolled voters could play a big role in the November election.

Watch them here, catch the replay on SCATV, channel 3 or go to for all the latest Greater Somerville episodes.