George Proakis & Sarah Spicer – City of Somerville, Planning Department (1.28.14)


Join host KyAnn Anderson as she speaks with the City of Somerville’s Director of Planning George Proakis and Senior Planner Sarah Spicer about the various initiatives of the Curtatone administration devoted to making Somerville a great place to live, work, play and raise a family – with an episode focus on Davis Square. Within the guiding framework of the SomerVision Comprehensive 2030 Plan completed in 2012, both have been actively involved in managing the Davis Square Neighborhood Plan and Streetscape Improvement Plan, on track for implementation in next few years. Tune in to find out the history of these planning initiatives, how Davis Square will be changing in the years ahead, and whether a boutique hotel is on the horizon for one of the most vibrant squares in Somerville.



(NOTE: See “Related Links” for all information on past community meetings. Updated plan information coming in Spring 2014)

Sam Coren & John Allen – Beacon Street Reconstruction Project (4.2.13)


Tonight on Greater Somerville host Joe Lynch gives equal time to two opponents of the proposed cycle track on Beacon Street.  The $4.5 million dollar Beacon Street reconstruction project now proposes to include a “cycle track” as part of the upgrade of utilities, ADA compliance upgrades and roadway and sidewalk reconstruction.  In addition to the loss of on-street parking, the opponents of the “cycle track” have stated that there are serious design flaws in the Design Consultants Inc. plan, unaddressed public safety concerns not only for cyclists, but for motorists and pedestrians as well.


Luisa Oliveira & Jessie Banhazl – Somerville’s Urban Agriculture Ordinance (2.5.13)

Join host KyAnn Anderson as she speak’s with the City of Somerville’s Luisa Oliveira and Green City Grower’s Co-Founder Jessie Banhazl, as they discuss their collaboration efforts in Somerville’s recently passed Urban Agriculture Ordinance. These regulations are the first of their kind in the state of Massachusetts. Additionally, learn about the recently launched Urban Agriculture Ambassador’s Program, and how 15 lucky Somerville residents will be receiving free home agricultural education courses this spring, if their applications are selected (deadline is February 15th, email for an application link). If you are a chicken coop enthusiast, fascinated with beehives, or dream of installing a raised-bed vegetable garden this spring, this is a must-see episode.


The City of Somerville’s ABC’s of Urban Agriculture –

Green City Growers –

City of Somerville’s Chicken Video* –

(*Bonus points for anyone who recognizes the voice over in the video. Luisa, perhaps?)

Thalia Tringo & Jonathan Mitchell – Somerville Real Estate Experts (1.8.13)

Join host KyAnn Anderson as she talks with Somerville’s real estate experts Thalia Tringo and Jonathan Mitchell to find out what’s HOT, what’s NOT, and where you need to be looking for property in 2013. Whether you’re on the hunt for a new home, have property to sell, or simply curious about real estate market trends, tonight’s episode is one to watch.

Lynn Weissman – Co-Founder, Friends of the Community Path (11.27.12)

Join hosts KyAnn Anderson and Joe Lynch as they speak to Friends of the Community Path’s Co-Founder Lynn Weissman about important upcoming events, why the Path needs to be built in tandem to the Green Line Extension Project, and what the Somerville community can do to get involved and make the Path a reality.



Green Line Extension / Community Path – Design Team Meeting  

Thursday, Dec. 11th, 6-8pm, Holiday Inn, Somerville

(your voice is important, please attend!)

Tour of Maxwell Green Development – Special Edition (7.10.12)

Join host Joe Lynch as he walks the site of the Maxwell Green Development on Lowell Street, speaking with Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone and the Developers about the history and highlights of the development process. Find out exactly what the units look like by taking a tour inside one of the marketing units, that are set to be leasing by later this year.

Video Link:


Bike Safety – Hayes Morrison & Sgt. James Rooney – City of Somerville Department of Transportation and Infrastructure & Somerville Police Department (5.15.12)<embed type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” src=”

Join hosts Joe Lynch and KyAnn Anderson for this special edition of Greater Somerville to discuss “Bicycle Rules of the Road.”  An important topic with the seasonal increases of bike riders, as well as the Somerville Police Department’s more recent enforcement of MA Law, Chapter 85, Section 11B (see link below), that’s got everyone talking. Want to avoid getting a ticket? Watch the episode and find out how, as well as what you can do to stay safe in Somerville and how to find out more on the Somerville biking culture.



Somerville Bike Committee:

Teresa McGowan & Lisa Dezmelyk – Somerville Garden Club President & Public Relations Director (4.24.12)

Join host KyAnn Anderson as she “Goes Green” and talks with Somerville Garden Club’s President Teresa McGowan and Public Relations Director Lisa Dezmelyk about the wonderful world of gardening and the exciting SGC activities going on this season. Tune in tonight to find out what you need to do to land one of those highly coveted community garden plots, as well as why you need to get a move on and plant your gardens early this year.