Greg Jenkins & Kelvy Bird – Somerville ArtFarm for Social Innovation (7.7.15)

Join host KyAnn Anderson as she speaks with the Executive Director of Somerville Arts Council, Greg Jenkins, and SAC board member and visual facilitator, Kelvy Bird, about the Somerville ArtFarm for Social Innovation – a 2.2 acre city-owned site adjacent the Brickbottom Artist Building and McGrath Highway. Tune in to find out more about the unique and evolving design elements of this flexible space, being driven by local artists and our community through imagined solutions and programming. Why are they striving for a carbon neutral footprint, just how many community garden plots and greenhouses will there be, and how will this area embrace and benefit the cultural diversity of Somerville for decades to come? Watch this episode and you’ll find out.


Somerville ArtFarm:

Earthos Institute:

Kelvy Bird:






Deborah Flaschen – Founder and President of 3LPlace (5.19.15)

Join host KyAnn Anderson as she speaks with Deborah Flaschen, Founder and President of 3LPlace, an innovative residential transition program for young adults, located just outside of Davis Square, Somerville. Tune in to find out why this center, that focuses on learning, living, and linking young adults with autism and other developmental disabilities, was formed through her own struggles for caring for her son, D.J., and why she feels establishing a sense of continuity, community, and proven educational curriculum is so vital for these people to continue to thrive and grow in society.


Ross Richmond – Somerville Backpack Program, Fighting Childhood Hunger (4.28.15)

Join host KyAnn Anderson as she speaks with the Founder of the Somerville Backpack Program, Ross Richmond, about his organization and how they’ve been fighting to close the childhood food insecurity gap in the public school systems since 2014. Tune in to learn more about why Middlesex County has the highest level of hunger needs in the state, why young children are often the hardest hit when economic downturns arise, and just how far your donation of a mere five dollars a week can go to help end childhood hunger – you’d be surprised. A whole lot of good can happen for about the same price as that daily Starbucks latte.


Somerville Backpack Program –

Community Cooks –

Somerville Homeless Coalition –

Feeding America (dynamic map) –

Three Little Figs –

Dillan DiGiovanni & Rev. Jeff Mansfield – LGBTQ Member & Religious Supporter (4.14.15)

Join host KyAnn Anderson as she explores Somerville’s vibrant Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender, and Questioning population, as she connects with integrative health coach and TEDx Somerville speaker, Dillan DiGiovanni, about his recent transgender transition, as well as Associate Pastor Jeff Mansfield of First Church Somerville UCC, who’s organization aims to nurture a universal acceptance of the LGBTQ community through their “open & affirming” congregation.


Dillan DiGiovanni:

First Church Somerville UCC:

Bill Shelton & Tim Talun – Somerville Times Columnist & Union Square Neighbors Chair (3.24.15)

Join host KyAnn Anderson as she speaks with long-time community advocate and Somerville Times columnist Bill Shelton, and Union Square Neighbors chair and founding member Tim Talun, about US2 Associates recent development proposal for the D2 and D3 parcels in Union Square. With Somerville in dire need of commercial tax base revenue, this plan of 525 residential units targeted at the Millennial demographic, has received harsh criticism from both community groups as well as government officials. Tune in to find out more about this complex development project, how the Somerville Board of Aldermen are taking a stand against US2’s proposal, and the importance of voicing your opinions about this process to city hall.


Union Square Neighbors:

Union United:

Union Square Civic Advisory Committee:

Dr. Alice LoCicero – Psychologist, Author of “Why ‘Good Kids’ Turn Into Deadly Terrorists” (3.10.15)

Join host KyAnn Anderson as she speaks with Dr. Alice LoCicero, a clinical psychologist, researcher and author, to look in-depth at the psychology that influences young terrorists — and how youths are being influenced and recruited for violence around the world. The topic couldn’t be more timely as our community and the nation watch both the trial of alleged Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as well as recent stories of teens headed to fight with — or marry — ISIS soldiers in the Middle East. Is there a ‘one size fits all’ approach to risk factors in these youths, and can we, as a society, develop a more effective way to identify and deal with them to prevent future tragedies?



Twitter: @DrALocicero

Joe & KyAnn – Somerville Snowmaggedon Survivors (2.24.15)

Join hosts Joe Lynch and KyAnn Anderson as they commiserate about Somerville Snowmaggedon on their latest edition of Greater Somerville. Covering everything from how to identify and attack those ice damns, snow safety tips for exhaust vents and driving, and addressing the often heated topic of those familiar parking space savers on the streets, you’ll find something to keep you warm on tonight’s program. A huge thank you to the Somerville Department of Public Works for their valiant efforts clearing the roads this month and keeping our community safe. Tune in to find out more and stay warm out there everyone, Spring is coming!

Greater Somerville Receives “Best of Awards” at SCATV Annual Awards Ceremony

The SCATV studios were alive with excitement on January 29, 2015 for the Annual “Best of 2014” Awards event.

Once again, Greater Somerville’s creator and co-host, Joe Lynch, hosted the annual event and received the first award of the evening for “Best Political Show” and his interview with Democratic Candidate for Governor of Massachusetts, Martha Coakley.

The next big win of the evening went to KyAnn Anderson, Greater Somerville’s co-host and producer for her in depth interview with one of the Union Square developer finalists, The Magellan Group – US2.

You can catch both winning episodes right here on this site.  You can also watch the entire SCATV annual meeting and awards ceremony on

Congratulations to KyAnn and Joe for their terrific work and well deserved awards.